The Work Lodge Creative Project

Our newest client, The Work Lodge, had a creative challenge for us, and I am really excited how it turned out! Our creative agency handles everything from web design to mural install. Let us know if we can help you!

Big Walls Big Dreams

Total branding package
From a logo design to web design to print… We love creating new brands and are here to help you with your next great idea!

Deep End Records Design

Got to help our good friends over at Deep End Records out with a new business card design.

We are Indie Fresh Creative

Indie Fresh Creative is the combination of over 15 years in the marketing industry along with my passion as an artist. Indie Fresh Creative strives to look at marketing in a new light- a bright, blinking, color changing light that is set to the music of one million DJ’s in an underground club somewhere that only you and I have access to.

We want to mix it up. We want to paint your next ad campaign across the city – in actual paint… We want to try new things and get people to notice you in new ways. Indie Fresh is not your standard ad agency. We are artists. And we want to make art with you.